Condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!

On my rambling ‘net travels today, I came across a nice little piece of Puerto Vallarta real estate in Mexico – A nice little studio apartment for US$99,000.

There’s something about this place that appeals to me personally. Maybe it’s the blue colors used to decorate it, or the tiling, or the gorgeous view from the balcony (?). Maybe it’s that Mexican/Spanish feel that it has.

Here’s some background on Puerto Vallarta…

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city of about 180,000 people in the state of Jalisco on the Pacific Coast. It has a tropical climate with near constant temperature and humidity year round and with a pronounced. Sounds great!

…And here’s a Google map.


Want a Bungalow in David, Panama?

I was looking at real estate sites selling properties in Panama today, but the prices seem to be a little on the high side there.

Having said that, after trolling through a bunch of sites, I finally came across a bungalow for under a hundred grand! This one is located in David, a smallish city (about 125,000 residents) in Panama.

Check it out here.

This baby is going for $75,000. It’s not the most gorgeous house you’ve ever seen, but it seems spacious with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Plus it’s on 1/5th of an acre o’ land (750 square meters).

Panama seems politically stable these days, but I’d really like to look into the situation more there. I’ll write about it some time.

In the meantime, here’s the low-down on David…

According to Wikipedia, it’s the least poor city in Panama and is located in the province of Chiriquí, not far from the coast.

Here’s a Google map of where David’s located in Panama…

Dominican Republic Condo for Only $33,000

To celebrate the first post on this blog, I’ve found a whopper of a deal in the Dominican Republic…

Check out this condo in Sosua, Dominican Republic for just $33K. OK, it’s not huge – a one bedroom, one bathroom place with a floor area of 36 square meters, but look at the price! This would make a lovely 2nd abode in a beautiful Caribbean country, or it might make a good investment. Surely it can only rise in value!

Here’s a little background info on Sosua in case you’re not familiar with this area of the DR…

Sosua is a small town (population of about 10,000) on the north coast of the Dominican Repbulic.

There is a very large ex-pat community there, mainly consisting of Germans, Brits, Americanos and Canadians.

Here’s a Google map of Sosua: